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Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee of Badiri NGO works on the following cultural activities:
• Attending various lectures, workshops, training courses, and various cultural gatherings. Such as a workshop on media and its relationship to hate speech with MoonShot NGO and Dawaer NGO, as well as a workshop on writing projects.
• Holding summer courses called “Grace”, which are educational and training courses in housekeeping, such as sewing, preparing sweets and the art of etiquette.
• Conducting cultural lectures in cooperation with Rafic Hariri University and CPAY, such as “leadership skills” workshop and “marketing through social media”.
• Setup a reading group Called “Badiri Takraa” that aims to spread the culture of reading and discussion.
• Conducting lectures on History of Islamic Art which aims to identify the development of Islamic art. It starts from the beginning of Islamic Caliphate in Damascus going forward presenting the archaeological sites, as well as introducing the most prominent historical events and personalities.