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Become a Volunteer

Duties of the volunteer:

  • To know how to make a complaint if you didn’t respect his rights.
  • Commitment to what can be provided.
  • To respect the agreements and the time specified, or to submit a notice if not respected.
  • To do all the assigned work completely and correctly.
  • To give ideas on how he could help the NGO.
  • To respect all the politics and procedures of the NGO.
  • The seriousness in work in order to get a certificate of well performance to be added to his/her experiences.
  • To respect the trust, he is given by the NGO.
  • To discreet about all the secrets of the NGO.
  • Respect all the other opinions by the other volunteers.
  • To represent the NGO in a good and positive way.
  • Compliance with the equal opportunity policy in the NGO.
  • To attend all the meetings, and to give an excuse in urgent situations to the administrator.
  • To attend 40% at least from the activities of the NGO.


Rights of the volunteer

  • Seeking for aims and principles of the NGO.
  • Choosing activities that suits his abilities and skills.
  • Gaining guidance, training, and supervision needed in-order to do assigned tasks.
  • The feeling of the importance of his efforts that helps the NGO to accomplish its mission.
  • Get an evaluation for his/her work, participate in evaluating the whole activity.